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Ali Abdel-Khalek – El-Baydha Wal Hagar AKA Hocus Pocus (1990)

Mustafaa is a high school philosophy teacher whose life is turned upside down when the landlord decides to raise his rent. When he fails to pay the new rent, he moves to a cheap dilapidated room on the roof of the building, which had been abandoned after being occupied for many years by a black magician. Mostafaa begins his own journey with black magic when he falsely claims an ability to communicate with spirits and demons, and becomes rich and famous working as a fortune teller. However, getting arrested as a charlatan puts his ‘magic powers’ to the ultimate test. Directed by Ali Abd Elkhaik and starring the well known Egyptian actor Ahmed Zaki. Read More »

Mohamed Fadel – Nasser 56 (1996)

During the summer of 1956, Egypt under President Gamal Abdul Nasser became embroiled in a conflict with Great Britain, France and Israel over the decision by the Egyptian leader to nationalize the Suez Canal in the wake of the refusal of the United States, and consequently the World Bank, to fund the construction of the Aswan High Dam. This pivotal period in the modern history of Egypt has been intelligently recreated in docu-drama style in a critically acclaimed film, “Nasser 56,” by Egyptian director Mohamed Fadel and starring Egyptian actor Ahmad Zaki as Nasser. Read More »