Aino Taube

  • Ingmar Bergman – Ansikte mot ansikte AKA Face to Face (TV Version) (1976)

    1971-1980DramaIngmar BergmanSwedenTV

    Psychiatrist Dr. Jenny Isaksson has temporally moved in with her grandparents in the house in which she grew up. In watching her grandmother lovingly take care of her ailing grandfather, remembering back to her childhood with her grandparents, spending time with her friend Tomas, and processing an event associated with one of her more severe cases, Jenny, in a fragile mental state, begins to have a nervous breakdown. In a semi-lucid state while conscious, and in semi-consciousness regarding reality when she dreams in her sleep, Jenny may begin to process her fragile mental state, especially if it is better to be alive or dead.Read More »

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