Åke Söderblom

  • Weyler Hildebrand – Lilla helgonet (1944)

    Celestin-Floridor is a singing teacher in a monastery and Denise is one of his best but worst students. They both dream about life, love and success in the world outside.Read More »

  • Weyler Hildebrand – Landstormens lilla Lotta (1939)

    It’s time for conscription training outside the small town of Lillköping. The bank clerk becomes an officer – the bank manager an ordinary soldier. Everybody seems to be trying to get a date with Elsa, who makes their food. Nobody takes the training seriously.Read More »

  • Anders Henrikson – Annonsera! AKA It Pays to Advertise! (1936)

    IMDB Summary: A comedy about the power of advertising Henry Miller is a young man who doesn’t have any goals for life. He lives on his father’s money and spends them on girls, fancy dinners and parties. One day when he goes to his father’s office, he meets a secretary, Mary and falls in love with her. She doesn’t want anything to do with him, as she wants a man who is ambitious and working for his living. Henry’s father, soap director Miller, overhears their conversation and makes a deal with Mary. If she can make Henry work, then director Miller will give her 10 000 SEK. Read More »

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