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Akihiko Shiota – Gaichû AKA Harmful Insect (2001)

Eiga Wiki wrote:
Harmful Insect follows a girl named Sachiko after her father dies, her mother attempts suicide, and her entire class is gossiping about her possibly having an affair with her sixth grade teacher who recently moved away. Because of all this, Sachiko stops going to school and hangs out with a street-dweller named Takao and his mentally disabled friend. When Takao is beaten to death Sachiko is forced to return to her former life, only to face more unwanted trauma at the hands of adults who never seem to have her best interests in mind. Read More »

Akihiko Shiota – Hiru mo Yoru mo AKA Lifeline (2016)

Plot: Ryosuke (Koji Seto) runs a used car dealership in the sticks, some way outside Tokyo. He inherited the business, and doesn’t enjoy running it. When a girl (Jun Yoshinaga) is dumped by the driver of a car on the road outside his forecourt, his life starts to turn upside-down. (from Letterboxd) Read More »

Akihiko Shiota – Kaze ni nureta onna AKA Wet Woman in the Wind (2016) (HD)

When a successful, but tired Tokyo-based playwright who has sworn off easy women and casual encounters takes refuge in the countryside, his plans are disrupted by a horny woman who pedals fast into his life and is unrelenting. Read More »