Alain Jessua

  • Alain Jessua – Léon la lune (1956)

    We manage as best we can when begging in Paris. For lack of a metro, the air vents are often welcome, even when the Salvation Army barge is closed. Doing the garbage in the morning, before the collection trucks pass by, or playing the sandwich man for a drink, a tuxedo rental, allow us to earn some money…Read More »

  • Alain Jessua – La vie à l’envers AKA Life Upside Down (1964)

    Films that explore mental illness, especially Hollywood productions such as The Snake Pit, The Three Faces of Eve and A Brilliant Mind, usually tend to be heavy on the histrionics providing highly dramatic showcases and Oscar award opportunities for actors. But a descent into madness isn’t always signaled by wildly disruptive or overwrought behavior from the afflicted. Sometimes the illness can creep up slowly by degrees and pass for something more fleeting and subtle that avoids detection during the early stages. Life Upside Down (La vie à l’envers), directed by Alain Jessua, is a remarkable example of this, presenting a man who goes quietly mad while interpreting his erratic behavior as a profound new self-awareness.Read More »

  • Alain Jessua – Traitement de choc AKA Shock Treatment (1973)

    A French businesswoman goes to a remote and popular rejuvenation clinic after a breakup, and begins to suspect the treatment methods used by the head doctor, and slowly uncovers the horrible secret behind the clinic’s success.Read More »

  • Alain Jessua – Jeu de massacre AKA The Killing Game (1967)

    Two cartoonists meet a playboy who lives out the fantasies created in their cartoons. He hires them to create a new comic strip. As they work on the new strip, the playboy begins to live it out. Unfortunately, the new strip deals with murder.Read More »

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