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Rodolfo Kuhn – Los jóvenes viejos (1962)

Not much happens in this film, which is about the disaffected lives of young people in Argentina in the early 60s. They have enough money, but they can’t get no satisfaction if you know what I mean. The strongest statement comes from Roberto, a TV producer, who complains that his bosses won’t let him do what he wants; they call him too young and rebellious. The young people in this film are all rebellious in one way or another, but mostly they are stifled by the social system. So they live somewhat dissolute and listless lives. Read More »

Manuel Antin – Circe (1964)

This classic motion picture from Argentina is a 1963 art-house adaptation of a short story by the renowned Argentine writer, Julio Cortázar. The short story of the same name appears in his 1951 collection, Bestiario.
In Greek mythology and the Odyssey, Circe is a beautiful and powerful enchantress who uses her gifts to lure men into her lair to then turn them into animals. The “Circe” of this feature film is Delia, a beautiful but mysterious woman whose two previous suitors died unexpectedly while courting her, one of a heart condition and the other of suicide. Despite neighborhood rumors that implicate Delia as the cause of these tragedies, Mario finds himself inexplicably drawn to her. Read More »