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Alejandro Amenábar – Mientras dure la guerra aka While at War (2019) (HD)

While at War (Spanish: Mientras dure la guerra) is a 2019 Spanish historical drama film directed by Alejandro Amenábar. It premiered at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival.

Revered author Miguel de Unamuno (Karra Elejalde) decides to publicly support the Spanish coup of July 1936. He is immediately removed from his position as rector at the University of Salamanca by the Government of the Second Spanish Republic. Meanwhile, Nationalists succeed in taking control of Salamanca, and General Francisco Franco moves his headquarters to the city. Some of Unamuno’s colleagues are imprisoned on charges of affiliation. Unamuno, who believes he can have the influence to liberate the innocent, heads to Franco’s Palace, determined to beg him for clemency. Read More »

Alejandro Amenábar – Himenóptero & Luna (1992)

First Amenabar movie, made in 1991 (not 1992 as IMDb states), when Amenabar was 19.
The later `Tesis` is based on the same idea (obsession?). Read More »

Alejandro Amenábar – Tesis (1996)

Spanish director and scriptwriter Alejandro Amenábar has gotten a fair amount of attention in the English-speaking world of late, and well-deserved it is. At the moment, he is probably best known for directing The Others, as well as directing and writing Open Your Eyes (Abre los ojos), the outstanding film that spawned a totally unnecessary remake in Vanilla Sky. Amenábar’s film Thesis (original title: Tesis) takes us back to 1996, where we can see that his success is no fluke: it has been in the cards from the beginning. Read More »

Alejandro Amenábar – Mar adentro AKA The Sea Inside (2004)

Life story of Spaniard Ramón Sampedro, who fought a 30-year campaign to win the right to end his life with dignity. Film explores Ramón’s relationships with two women: Julia, a lawyer who supports his cause, and Rosa, a local woman who wants to convince him that life is worth living. Through the gift of his love, these two women are inspired to accomplish things they never previously thought possible. Despite his wish to die, Ramón taught everyone he encountered the meaning, value and preciousness of life. Though he could not move himself, he had an uncanny ability to move others. Read More »

Alejandro Amenábar – Abre los ojos AKA Open Your Eyes (1997)


What is waking? What is dream? What is reality? What is fantasy? What is sanity? What is madness?

Such questions pervade “Open Your Eyes,” a psychological thriller directed by Alejandro Amenabar. “Open Your Eyes,” which darts among such relative novelties as virtual reality and cryogenics, is at bottom a retelling of the story of Job for a vain, materialistic, selfish age.

Handsomely filmed in Madrid with an attractive cast, this Spanish feature is unlikely to satisfy those who insist on linear storytelling and pat endings. But in its deliberately vexing way, “Open Your Eyes” is a film with enough intellectual meat on its stylish bones to give more adventurous moviegoers something to chew on afterward. Read More »