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Aleksandr Gordon – Ogni pritona AKA Brothel Lights (2011)

A richly outfitted journey backwards to daily life in small “family-run” brothel, the film is reminiscent of Federico Fellini’s 1973 Amarcord, set in a small Italian town along the coast in the 1930s. Read More »

Aleksandr Gordon – Sergey Lazo (1968)

“A movie about the life and activities of the civil war hero Sergey Lazo (1894-1920), a poet, a publicist, a war strategist, a party activist, a diplomat fluent in several languages, a direct descendant of a noble Moldavian family, the son of a land-owner, a former student of the Moscow University and an officer of the tsarist army who determinately crossed over to the revolutionaries and headed the partisan movement during the struggle against the Japanese intervention in the Far East. At the age of 26 Lazo literally burnt in the revolutionary fire. The enemies threw him into the boiler of a steam locomotive and burnt him alive. Read More »

Andrei Tarkovsky – Segodnya uvolneniya ne budet (Сегодня увольнения не будет) AKA There Will Be No Leave Today (1958)


From wikipedia

There Will be No Leave Today (Russian: Сегодня увольнения не будет, Sevodnya uvolnyeniya nye budyet) is a 1959 student film by the Russian film director Andrei Tarkovsky and his fellow student Aleksandr Gordon. The film is about members of the Soviet army during a time of peace. It was Tarkovsky’s second film, produced while being a student at the State Institute of Cinematography. Read More »