Alessandra de Rossi

  • Raya Martin – Independencia [+Extras] (2009)

    This unique film from acclaimed Filipino director Raya Martin re-imagines his country’s past as an elemental humanist epic.

    Fleeing the American invasion of the Philippines in the early 20th Century, a mother and son retreat into the jungle where they make a home. Time passes; a wounded woman is rescued; the mother dies; a child is born. The family survive isolated from the growing chaos engulfing their country, but a storm approaches that threatens their existence as American troops draw nearer…Read More »

  • Sigrid Andrea Bernardo – Kita kita AKA I See You (2017)

    A film about a working Filipino woman working as travel guide in Sapporo, Japan who was driven to blindness due to extreme stress and heartache. While living alone, she found comfort in the company of a fellow Filipino whom served as her eyes during her times of temporary blindness.Read More »

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