Alex Bernard

  • Jean Grémillon – La Petite Lise (1930)

    Jean Grémillon’s first talkie, the 1930 LA PETITE LISE, is anything but talky. While opening
    and closing with soulful afro-Latin strains, something just above silence reigns throughout
    the film. Grémillon is already orchestrating the auditory menace of nuanced sound sculpting
    that would later pervade REMORQUES (1941), setting forth evolving rhythmic figures at an
    atmospheric whisper. Grémillon grafts this aural frieze onto smoldering b&w photography.
    Truly, the frame is often smoking for purposes of motif.
    In truth, this film has the most impressive use of sound I know of, including Bresson’s
    MOUCHETTE. Read More »

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