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Pascale Ferran – Petits Arrangements avec les Morts AKA Coming to Terms with the Dead (1994)

A dramatic triptych offering differing perspectives about death and its aftermath, set on a Brittany beach during the late summer…

L’histoire d’un chateau de sable, de celui qui le construit et de ceux qui l’observent sur une plage de Bretagne. Tous ont eu à vivre la perte d’un proche… Read More »

Alain Tanner – Requiem (1998)


Description: Paul, the narrator, has a rendezvous at noon on a sweltering Sunday. The person he has invited is none other than the great Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa… who is no longer among the living. It leads to a whole series of encounters between living Lisboans… and phantoms of the past, as the barriers of conventional time fall away to allow the people of today and yesterday to meet and communicate. Read More »