Amo Bek-Nazaryan

  • Amo Bek-Nazaryan – Dom na vulkane AKA House on the Volcano (1929)

    1921-1930Amo Bek-NazaryanDramaSilentUSSR

    To celebrate the centenary of Armenian film, we present a new restoration of this neglected silent classic by Hamo Bek-Nazaryan, the founding father of the nation’s cinema. A co-production of the Armenian and Azerbaijani national studios, this historical melodrama recounts the brutal suppression of an oil workers’ strike in pre-revolutionary Baku. Bek-Nazaryan’s mastery of the silent screen is on full display here, from the striking use of close-ups and densely-plotted narrative intrigue to the show-stopping devastation of the finale. Presented with a new score by Juliet MerchantRead More »

  • Amo Bek-Nazaryan – David Bek (1944)

    Drama1941-1950Amo Bek-NazaryanArmeniaWar

    David Bek (died: 1728) was one of the most prominent figures of the Armenian liberation movement against the Safavid and Ottoman occupying forces. In 1722-25 with direct support from Mkhitar Sparapet, he headed the armed struggle of Syunik (particularly from Kapan) and Artsakh Armenians against Safavids, which led to the slaughter and expulsion of Muslims from the Turkic villages of the Kapan and Meghri districts of Eastern Armenia, that were destroyed by him. In 1726-28 Armenians under the leadership of David Bek fought with Ottoman forces, that were attempting to conquer Transcaucasia.Read More »

  • Amo Bek-Nazaryan – Namus (1926)

    1921-1930Amo Bek-NazaryanArmeniaDramaSilent


    Young lovers Seyran and Susan meet a tragic fate because of patriarchal prejudices of their parents. Although arranged for marriage in early childhood, and despite youngsters’ love, Barkhudar marries his daughter Susan to another man, as a matter of honour.Read More »

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