Andrzej Chyra

  • Konrad Niewolski – Symetria (2003)

    Twenty-six year-old Lukasz, well-educated and mild-mannered, is accused of assault on an older woman. Placed in custody awaiting trial, Lukasz’s mental stability becomes threatened as he attempts to find himself within the prison’s pervasive code of criminal ethics. But soon Lukasz discovers that it is his principles that are put on trial as he is faced to choose sides when a man accused of child molestation becomes his cellmate. Nothing will be the same.Read More »

  • Krzysztof Krauze – Dlug AKA The Debt (1999) (DVD)

    The Debt is a gripping thriller about two entrepreneurs who become tangled in the web of a Russian thug. Two friends begin a business venture of importing Italian scooters into Poland. With no collateral, they turn to a Russian acquaintance that offers money and support in the beginning and then inexplicably turns violent and vicious. Tension mounts as the two friends begin to understand what must be done. Based on a true story, The Debt is a terrifying tale of ordinary men pushed to their limit.Read More »

  • Lukasz Ronduda & Maciej Sobieszczanski – Performer AKA The Performer (2015)

    A dynamic and full of punk energy story based on life of one of the most original and interesting contemporary artist, the performer, Oskar Dawicki (playing himself). The main theme of his art is the search for an answer to the question of whether. Oskar Dawicki exists at all. The trade mark of his performances is his blue shining jacket.Read More »

  • Denijal Hasanovic – Catalina (2017)

    Colombian girl, who studies law in France, arrives to Sarajevo in order to write a study about the War Crimes Tribunal. Unexpectedly she finds herself in the center of the intimate tragedy of her new friend, a native woman.Read More »

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