Anita Mui

  • Johnnie To – Sam Sei Goon AKA Justice, My Foot! (1992)

    Johnnie To1991-2000ComedyHong KongMartial Arts
    Sam Sei Goon (1992)
    Sam Sei Goon (1992)

    Sung Shih Chieh, a brilliant, but somewhat shifty lawyer who uses his verbal dexterity in the pursuit of cash, not justice. His kung-fu kicking wife frowns on his success as it has had a terrible karmic price: all twelve of their infant sons have died prematurely. Sung agrees to leave his legal chicanery behind, but a murder case involving Madame Chou arrives on his doorstep. Sung is pulled out of self-imposed retirement by this sensational case, and the Qing Dynasty legal world had better watch out!Read More »

  • Johnnie To – Dung fong saam hap AKA The Heroic Trio (1993)

    1991-2000ActionAsianHong KongJohnnie To

    Story: Several infants have been kidnapped all over the city during the last few weeks, the police are without a clue to finding the criminals responsible. The police increase the security in the hospital but it is not use as the children are being taken away by some mysterious invisible force. Luckily a mysterious hero known only as Wonder Woman saves one of the children while the other is taken away. The father of the missing child is a high placed police officer who hires the services of a woman named Chat, she is a professional bounty hunter. Through a strange twist of events Chat and Wonder Woman end up working together against a far greater treat than just a simple kidnapper.Read More »

  • Ann Hui – Laam yan sei sap AKA July Rhapsody (2002)

    2001-2010Ann HuiDramaHong Kong

    Yiu-Kwok is a high school teacher, having a perfect family. Good times don’t last long, when a student, Choy-Nam, falls in love with him. For dealing with a relationship with Mr. Seng, a beloved teacher of the couple, his wife Man-Ching requests a leave for a month. A midlife crisis mixing with pressure sends him into an emotional tailspin. Everything seems to lead him towards Choy-Nam, the forbidden fruit. History seems to repeat itself.Read More »

  • Hark Tsui – Ying hung boon sik III jik yeung ji gor AKA A Better Tomorrow 3 (1989)

    1981-1990ActionAsianHark TsuiHong Kong

    The first film in our Chow pow-wow, A Better Tomorrow 3, is a prequel to John Woo’s two breakthrough crime dramas, A Better Tomorrow and A Better Tomorrow 2. It tells the story of how Mark Gor gained the Mark Gor look and the Mark Gor attitude. Everybody remembers Mark Gor, right? He was the wise-ass friend of Ti Lung in the original A Better Tomorrow, the one who was rendered lame while on a mission of revenge, and then died one of the silliest cinematic deaths we’ve seen a Honk Kong actor die. Since Bruce Lee in Marlowe, anyway.Read More »

  • Stanley Kwan – Yin ji kau aka Rouge (1987)

    1981-1990AsianHong KongRomanceStanley Kwan

    Fleur is the blue angel in one of Hong Kong’s “flower houses” – bordellos and night clubs of the 1930’s. A detached and beautiful performer, she falls in love with Twelfth Master Chan, heir to a chain of pharmacies. They agree to a suicide pact. Jump ahead 50 years to modern Hong Kong: Fleur’s ghost appears in Yuen’s newspaper office, wanting to place an ad to find Chan, who never arrived in the afterlife. Yuen, and his equally bewildered girl friend, An Chor, are captivated by Fleur and her story.Read More »

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