Anne Suzuki

  • Toshiaki Toyoda – Kûchû teien AKA Hanging Garden (2005)

    A family struggling to live together even with the outrageous behaviors from each family members.Read More »

  • Toshiaki Toyoda – Kuuchuu Teien AKA Hanging Garden (2005)

    Meet the Kyobashis, a model suburban Japanese family. Or are they? In director Toshiaki Toyoda’s skillful examination of contemporary domestic malaise, a mother’s plan for the perfect family initially seems to be working, but we soon learn that her perceived perfection is a lie that each family member chooses to believe at the expense of reality.Read More »

  • Shunji Iwai – Hana to Arisu AKA Hana and Alice (2004)

    Upon entering high school, two best friends named Hana and Alice notice a boy a year older them while waiting for the train, and they both develop a pretty strong crush on him. One day while secretly following him home, Hana witnesses the boy walk right into a wall and pass out. When he wakes up, she lies and convinces him that he must have amnesia, because he doesn’t remember the fact that she was his girlfriend. After this, hilarity ensues as the two girls attempt to run with the lie. Of course, complications soon arise.Read More »

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