Annie Toinon

  • Marcel Pagnol – Jofroi AKA Ways of Love (1933)

    Marcel Pagnol1931-1940ComedyDramaFrance

    IMDB wrote:
    Jofroi sells his orchard to Alphonse. Alphonse wants to use the land for crops, so he starts to cut down the trees. Jofroi is furious: how can someone cut down those trees? He threatens to commit suicide so that the small town will blame Alphonse and Alphonse’s life will be miserable. Alphonse, the curate, the teacher, and some of the townsfolk spend the rest of the movie trying to keep Jofroi from committing suicide… This is not complicated… the movie is not about the plot; it is all about the characters and the dialogue.Read More »

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