Anthony Franciosa

  • Pupi Avati – Aiutami a sognare AKA Help Me Dream (1981)

    1981-1990ItalyPupi AvatiRomance

    A raro video with a great interpretation of Mariangela Melato

    In the summer of 1943, during the war, Francesca, widow mother of three little girls, leaves Bologna to go to in a country house, where he finds an old love Guido and other friends, all displaced people like her.
    The young woman has a great passion for America and his music (she told to the daughters that their father lives in the States).
    One day an American man named Ray, pilot of reconnaissance aircraft, is forced by breakdown to land near the farmhouse.Read More »

  • Martin Ritt – The Long, Hot Summer (1958)

    1951-1960DramaMartin RittUSA

    Sixty-one year old widower Will Varner (Orson Welles), in ill health, owns many businesses and property in Frenchman’s Bend, Mississippi, including a plantation. To him, his children are a disappointment, who he sees as not being able to carry on the Varner name in the style to which he has built around it. Son Jody (Anthony Francoisa) has no ambition and does not work, spending much of his time fooling around with his seductive wife, Eula (Lee Remick). He finds twenty-three-year-old daughter Clara (Joanne Woodward) clever, but he feels she also wastes her time on more contemplative pursuits. Read More »

  • Jack Donohue – Assault on a Queen (1966)

    1961-1970ActionAdventureJack DonohueUSA

    Rosa (Virna Lisi), Vic (Tony Franciosa) and their boat captain (Alf Kjellin) are searching for sunken treasure. They hire Mark (Frank Sinatra) as their diver and begin their treasure hunt. Mark soon spots a long-buried German U-boat, and the plan to search for gold quickly turns into a scheme to use the submarine to rob the HMS Queen Mary. After enlisting the help of a mechanic (Richard Conte), the foursome set their plan in motion while Vic and Mark battle for Rosa’s affections.Read More »

  • Gordon Douglas – Rio Conchos (1964)

    1961-1970ActionGordon DouglasUSAWestern

    When a shipment of repeating rifles is stolen from the U.S. Cavalry, Capt. Haven (Stuart Whitman) and Sgt. Franklyn are sent to recover them and enlist the aid of an alcoholic former confederate and Indian hater, James Lassiter (Richard Boone) and a Mexican murderer, Rodriguez (Tony Franciosa). Lassiter, who owns one of the rifles, says it came from his embittered former commander Col. Pardee, while an Apache woman informant reveals that Pardee intends to sell the stolen arms to her people.Read More »

  • Clifford Odets – The Story on Page One (1959)

    1951-1960Clifford OdetsDramaUSA

    Synopsis:When Jo Morris’ marriage turned sour and heartless, she found sympathy and companionship with widower Larry Ellis. After Jo’s husband is accidentally killed in a struggle over a gun with Larry, the adulterous couple find themselves on trial for their lives, with their lawyers fighting the pair’s reluctance to turn against each other.Read More »

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