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Eliseo Subiela – No mires para abajo AKA Don’t Look Down (2008)

After claiming to be visited by his dead father’s ghost, a young man with sleepwalking problems (Hugo Arana) enters into a sexual relationship with the neighborhood hottie (Anotella Costa), a spiritual-mystical type who’s all too willing to be his guide through the Kama Sutra, as well as to teach him how to hold in his wad past 81 thrusts. Eventually, Arana discovers he can materialize in far-off lands when he bones — as though sex were the spice from Dune. (Sample post-coital line: “Venice is incredible!”) This, mind you, is basically played for giggles, with writer-director Eliseo Subiela maintaining a gentle dreamy-absurdist tone that feels like Buñuel minus the anticlericalism (if that makes any sense). Cheerfully inscrutable, with a deftly sustained, calmly deranged performance from Costa, it unfortunately can’t figure out an ending and so just stops. There’s a sexual metaphor for that condition, right? Read More »

Alejandro Chomski – Hoy y Mañana AKA Today and Tomorrow (2003)

“Today and Tomorrow” follows the descent of an aspiring actress into prostitution.
The downward spiral of Argentina’s middle class during the current economic and social crisis is brought to life in the character of young, street-smart Paula. She is always on the run: from her landlord, from the gas bill, from being late for work, and from her father’s demands. Read More »

Álvaro Brechner – Mal día para pescar AKA Bad Day to Go Fishing (2009)

A flamboyant impresario and an ageing ex-wrestling champion arrive in a small town, offering a hefty award to the local challenger. In fact, the promoter wants to rinse the spectators for every penny. But, is this a good day to go fishing? Read More »