Aryan Kaganof

  • Aryan Kaganof – Nicola’s First Orgasm (2003)

    2001-2010Aryan KaganofExperimentalNetherlandsShort Film

    Aryan Kaganof & Nicola Deane | 2003 | 5 min. | video | no dialogue

    “We cannot abstain from watching the revelation of a being that would be an object neither for herself nor for any other gaze and yet which would effect, in the mystery of her own invisibility, the condensation of all objectivity.”

    Aryan Kaganof plays with the contradiction and relationship between the vulnerable, private realm and the voyeuristic, objectified domain in a film about a young woman’s sexual initiation.Read More »

  • Aryan Kaganof – La séquence des barres parallèles (1992)

    1991-2000Aryan KaganofExperimentalNetherlandsShort Film

    The film opens with a rubber-clad woman stepping sensuously out of a limousine. The camera lovingly closes-up on her stilleto’ed foot… She enters a dark desolate warehouse, and meets two men, who proceed to chain her up and worship her body. Originally projected on three screens simultaneously. Music by legendary noise musician Merzbow.Read More »

  • Aryan Kaganof – Shabondama Elegy AKA Tokyo Elegy (1999)

    1991-2000Aryan KaganofExploitationNetherlandsThriller


    Virtuoso application of digital techniques in a feature combining the genres of film noir, art film and porn. Man condemned to death and on the run (Thom Hoffman) has a last intense sexual relationship (with porn actress Mai Hoshimo).

    Ian Kerkhof’s new film boldly clashes genre conventions in a digital melt that seeks to invent a new form of film-making appropriate to the new digital age. On this occasion he is working with a Japanese producer and shooting in Japan with the enormously flexible and light DV camera, ‘re-mixing’ his material on the infinitely flexible AVID editing equipment to create a film for the big screen.No surprise, this determined renegade film-maker takes the opportunity to mix crime film, art film and porn movie.Read More »

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