Asaka Seto

  • Andrew Lau – Bat sei ching mai AKA Bullets of Love (2001)

    Andrew Lau2001-2010ActionDramaHong Kong

    Sam, a Hong Kong cop, has busted crime lord Night. Ann, Sam’s girlfriend, is the prosecuting witness. Night is jailed for five years. On a trip to Paris, Ann is killed by an assassin. Sam quits the force and two years later, runs a bar on Lamma Island with his uncles. One day, a Japanese tourist who looks exactly like Ann arrives. Sam and the lady soon fall in love. However, that love is shortened when she holds a dark past and after a successful appeal, Night is back and out for revenge.Read More »

  • Masayuki Suo – Soredemo boku wa yattenai AKA I Just Didn’t Do It (2006)

    2001-2010DramaJapanMasayuki Suo

    An unemployed young man is on the packed Tokyo subway en route to a job interview when a schoolgirl grabs him by the wrist and fingers him as a molester. A man was feeling her up on the train. The young man is arrested and no one, not the station master, the public defender or the police, seems the least interested in his protestations of innocence. It would be much more efficient if he would accept a plea bargain.Read More »

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