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  • Ömer Kavur – Gece yolculugu AKA Night Journey (1987)

    Gece yolculugu is a 1987 Turkish film directed by Ömer Kavur. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 1988 Cannes Film Festival.

    In this enigmatic work, a director settles in a ghost town to rewrite his script, and the audience enters into the mystical realm of his past and imagination. Kavur’s film is a seamless collage of thought, memory, and landscape reminiscent of Giorgio de Chirico’s psychic terrains. By the film’s ambiguous end we can not help wondering how much Night Journey is about Kavur himself and, like Fellini in 8 1/2 before him, how much he is embracing it all.Read More »

  • Atif Yilmaz – Adi Vasfiye AKA Her Name is Vasfiye (1985)

    A young writer anguished because he finds nothing interesting to write about, strolls through the streets of Izmir. He comes across a series of posters of Sevim Suna, a local singer. She intrigues him and he stops to wonder who she is. At that point a man comes up to him and says that her name is “Vasfiye”. The stranger begins to tell her story. As the young writer listens he finds himself transported into different versions of Vasfiye’s life.Read More »

  • Yesim Ustaoglu – Iz AKA The Track (1994)

    Kemal is a plainclothes policeman investigating a suicide whose face has been obliterated. He becomes obsessed with the real appearance of the dead man.Read More »

  • Mustafa Kenan Aybasti – Devrimden Sonra AKA After the Revolution (2011)


    What if a revolution will happen in Turkey? “After Revolution” is discussing ordinary, daily life just after socialist revolution in Turkey. (~IMDb)Read More »

  • Atif Yilmaz – Kadinin Adi Yok Aka The Woman Has No Name (1988)


    A woman’s fight for her identity and freedom as a woman.
    Read More »

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