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Yves Ciampi – L’esclave AKA The Slave (1953)

A young composer is forced to work as a bar pianist. One night he gets hit by a car and is brought to a hospital. Severely injured he is injected with morphine. He becomes addicted. Read More »

Vittorio Cottafavi – Traviata ’53 AKA Fille d’amour [French edit] (1953)

Plot: From the novel by Dumas “La Dames aux Camelias”. In Milan, a prostitute sacrifices herself to prevent the ruin of the young man she loves. Read More »

Walter Hugo Khouri – O Corpo Ardente aka The Burning Body (1966)

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Márcia is a married woman with a son. She finds that her husband has an affair. She cheats him too and decides to go to Itaipava with her son. A black horse, free in the fields, attracts her. In the end, she comes back home and memories come back while watching the footage made by her son. Read More »