Béatrice Altariba

  • Jean Becker – Un nommé La Rocca AKA A Man Called Rocca (1961) (HD)

    Jean Becker1961-1970CrimeDramaFrance
    Un nommé La Rocca (1961) (HD)
    Un nommé La Rocca (1961) (HD)

    Roberto La Rocca (Jean-Paul Belmondo) is an ex-gangster whose friend Xavier (Pierre Vaneck) has been unjustly thrown in prison. Indeed, local gang leader Villanova is the one who framed Xavier. La Rocca confronts the mobster and kills him. Later, while helping his mistress (Beatrice Altariba) to fight off an American gang of racketeers, Roberto is caught by the police and is put in the same prison with Xavier. Then the two volunteer to clear land mines left from the last war, hoping to receive a pardon and to buy a quiet farm.Read More »

  • Norbert Carbonnaux – Le temps des oeufs durs (1958)

    1951-1960ComedyFranceNorbert Carbonnaux

    Garage attendant Louis Stainval is a shy daydreamer with no money. One day, he wins a large sum of money via the national lottery and decides to spice up his life. He prevents a failed artist named Raoul Grandvivier from killing himself and takes him home. Here, Louis meets Raoul’s beautiful daughter Lucie and immediately falls in love. So that he can go on seeing Lucie, Louis pays frequent calls on Raoul, ostensibly to buy his paintings. The paintings are so bad that Louis just throws them into the river Seine. Because he has found someone to buy his work, Raoul begins to believe that he is a serious painter. This misunderstanding will cause a great deal of trouble…Read More »

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