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  • Jonathan Demme – Neil Young Trunk Show (2009)

    2001-2010DocumentaryJonathan DemmeNetherlandsPerformance

    23 March 2010 | by MisterWhiplash (United States)

    There’s something about the way Neil Young ends a song that is unique to him. Actually, a lot of rockers tend to do it, but not to the extent Young seems to do it. That is, just when you think the song is about to reach the end (that is, based on how one has heard the song so many times on an album), it goes on a little longer, or even for another several bars. Take the last song before the encore, ‘Like a Hurricane’. Just when you think the song ends, Young keeps plucking those strings, getting that distortion going, and the band, for maybe just a moment, is not sure if the song is over yet either. They could go on, or stop right there.Read More »

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