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Edwin L. Marin – The Garden Murder Case (1936)

PLOT: Someone has shot and killed Lowe Hammle and everyone at his 22 room apartment is a suspect. The reasons are as varied as the number of people there. There is Dr. Garden, whose son Floyd was killed at the track in a mysterious way which is thought to be a suicide. There is Mrs. Fenwicke-Ralston who was supposed to complete a deal on a horse. There is the blackmailing Nurse Beeton and the niece Zalia, who knows that Uncle is trying to break up her relationship with Woode. Since there is no powder marks on the body, Vance knows that it is murder and believes that a woman did the job. But he has to find the killer and the motive. ! Read More »

Maurice Elvey – High Treason [Sound Version] (1929)

World peace is threatened when the “United States of Europe” comes into conflict with the “Empire of the Atlantic States”. The former comprises Europe, India, the Middle East, Canada, Africa and Australasia. The latter is a combination of the United States and South America. Read More »

Maurice Elvey – High Treason (1929)

An unlikely film for Maurice Elvey to direct, this is a 1930s vision of what life might be like twenty years later. The film was made in two versions – silent and sound – this is the silent version (and literally silent, no soundtrack on this one). So this is something of an oddity: A British silent sci-fi film! There aren’t many of those around. Read More »