Beom-Taek Kwon

  • Sang-woo Lee – Abeojineun Gaeda AKA Father is a Dog (2010)

    Three bothers live together with a father who treats them as a dog in the house. The first son desires for food and the son lost his face after he got burned by fire. He desires for sex. All he does is masturbation and painting in his cooped room. The second son is the normal one in the house where the Chinese stranger comes in and he starts living with them. The boy is father’;s lover and has sex with a father in the presence of three sons. One day, a crazy girl gets into the house, the house is full of sexual desire and lust.Read More »

  • Sang-woo Lee – Uhmmaneun Changnyeoda AKA Mother is a Whore (2009)


    “My Mother is a Whore” is a dark piece of Korean independent cinema from the multi talented Lee Sang Woo, who wrote, produced, directed and even takes the lead role in the exceptionally grim drama. Complimenting his similarly themed “Father is a Dog”, the film is another bleak family tale, which also stars Lee Yong Nyeo, Kwon Bum Taek, Kim Ji Hee and Yoo Ae Kyeong. Given the subject matter, themes and tone of his work to date, Lee has perhaps unsurprisingly been compared with a young Kim Ki Duk, having previously also worked on his recent “Time” and “Breath”.Read More »

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