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Lionel Jeffries – The Railway Children (1970)

The Railway Children (1970)

This adaptation of E. Nesbit’s story is now regarded as its definitive telling, its popular memory greater than that of her novel. It had been adapted for television in 1951, 1957 and 1968, and there are links between the latter serial and this feature film. Both used Yorkshire’s Keighley and Worth Valley Preservation Railway and featured Jenny Agutter as Bobbie. Read More »

Robert Day – Two Way Stretch (1960)

From fictionmachine.com

“Dodger” Lane (Peter Sellers) is a convicted robber days away from his prison release, along with his fellow criminals “Jelly” (David Lodge) and Lennie (Bernard Cribbins). When an old criminal associate leaks Dodger the opportunity for a million-pound take, he can’t resist taking up the opportunity. So long as he can break out of prison, commit the crime, and break back inside, he will have the perfect alibi – until a new prison officer (Lionel Jeffries) arrives to ruin everything. Read More »

Gordon Flemyng – Daleks’ Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. (1966)

This sequel to `Dr Who and the Daleks’ finds Doctor Who returning to Earth in AD 2150, only to find it almost destroyed by cosmic rays, and the Daleks moving in to hollow out the planet’s core to turn it into a gigantic spaceship. Read More »