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Chad Friedrichs – Jandek On Corwood (2003)

“The longest-running, weirdest, loneliest enigma is popular music is a guy from Texas who calls himself Jandek.” (Dougals Wolk, Providence Phoenix) 25 years, 35 albums and not a single live show or public appearance. The documentary film Jandek on Corwood definitively explores the most intriguing mystery in modern music. Featuring revealing interviews, evocative imagery and one of the most bizarre and compelling soundtracks in film history, Jandek on Corwood will challenge the viewer’s conception of music, Art and the nature of celebrity. Read More »

Jeff Feuerzeig – Half Japanese: The Band That Would Be King (1993)

Jad and David Fair are Half Japanese, “The World’s Greatest Underground Band” and the most unlikely pair of rock heroes as can be imagined. Half Japanese play their hearts out on rooftops and nursing home back porches while overzealous fans and rock critics plot the next Beatlemania that never comes. A conspiracy of the Corporate Rock world? Perhaps. Read More »