Caroline Chaniolleau

  • Paulo Rocha – O Desejado ou As Montanhas da Lua AKA Les montagnes de la lune (1987)

    Paulo Rocha1981-1990ArthouseCultPortugal

    This visually striking drama is taken from the classic Japanese novel Tales Of Genji by Marasaki Shikibu. Set in modern Portugal, Joao (Luis Miguel Cintra) is a left-wing political leader and ladies man with a bright future. His ex-wife Isabel (Manuela de Freitas) both loves and hates him as Joao plays on her wavering emotional state. He is sent to Italy to retrieve wayward family member Antonia (Caroline Chaniolleau), the beautiful young woman with a terrorist boyfriend. Joao is forced to recognize his feelings as the political and amorous climate changes around him.Read More »

  • Pierre Jolivet – Strictement personnel (1985)

    1981-1990FrancePierre JolivetThriller

    Starring the dependable Pierre Arditi with a very bad case of unshakable hangdog expression, as well as Jean Reno, Pierre Jolivet’s first movie as a director (he had also co-written “Le Dernier Combat” with Luc Besson) , “Strictement Personnel” is – in some ways – a typical paranoid French thriller, in which the main character gets reunited with his estranged family, with some not-altogether-successful dream flashes.Read More »

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