Çetin Tekindor

  • Çagan Irmak – Babam ve Oglum AKA My Father and My Son (2005)

    The family of a left-wing journalist is torn apart after the military coup of Turkey in 1980.Read More »

  • Yavuz Turgul – Av mevsimi (2010)

    The lives of three police are turned upside-down during a murder investigation.Read More »

  • Çagan Irmak – Dedemin Insanlari (2011)


    Ozan is a ten-year old boy living in a small coastal town on the Aegean. His friends make fun of him, calling him an “infidel” because his grandfather Mehmet is an immigrant from Crete. Ozan is afraid of being left alone. He gets angry at his family, especially his grandfather, and he stubbornly challenges his family saying “We are Turks”.

    Mehmet Bey, Ozan’s grandfather, is a respected shopkeeper in the community. He takes the people of the town under his wings, and helps them with their problems. Mehmet Bey is known for his tolerance and his grandson’s attitude not only has him worried but grieves him as well.
    Read More »

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