Charlotte Gainsbourg

  • Mikhaël Hers – Les passagers de la nuit AKA The Passengers of the Night (2022)

    2021-2030DramaFranceMikhaël Hers

    Left by her husband, Elisabeth finds herself alone, responsible for the day-to-day care of her two children. She picks up a job on a night-time radio show, where she meets Talulah, a youngster she decides to take under her wing.Read More »

  • Lars von Trier – Antichrist (2009)

    2001-2010DenmarkDramaLars Von Trier

    A couple lose their young son when he falls out the window while they have sex in the other room. The mother’s grief consigns her to hospital, but her therapist husband brings her home intent on treating her depression himself. To confront her fears they go to stay at their remote cabin in the woods, “Eden”, where something untold happened the previous summer. Told in four chapters with a prologue and epilogue, the film details acts of lustful cruelty as the man and woman unfold the darker side of nature outside and within.Read More »

  • Julie Bertuccelli – The Tree AKA L’Arbre (2010)

    2001-2010ArthouseAustraliaDramaJulie Bertuccelli

    The Tree is a French/Australian 2010 Christmas film co-produced between Australia and France. It was filmed in the small town of Boonah in Queensland, Australia and follows the lives of Dawn (Charlotte Gainsbourg) and her four children after the unexpected death of her husband Peter (Aden Young). The film is an adaptation of the debut novel Our Father Who Art in The Tree by Australian writer and performer Judy Pascoe. The film closed the Cannes Film Festival on 23 May 2010 following the Awards Ceremony and received a seven-minute standing ovation] As well as this, The Tree premiered at the 2010 Sydney Film Festival.Read More »

  • Dominik Moll – Lemming (2005)

    2001-2010Dominik MollFranceMysteryThriller

    The charmed life of a successful young engineer is thrown into chaos following a decidedly uncomfortable dinner with his powerful boss and the man’s socially scabrous wife in With a Friend Like Harry director Dominik Moll’s twisted, semi-supernatural thriller. Upon relocating to an ultra-modern community in the south of France with the promise of a lucrative position at powerful Richard Pollock’s (André Dussollier) hi-tech firm, Alain Getty (Laurent Lucas) and his wife, Benedicte (Charlotte Gainsbourg), find their life together going better than they ever imagined. Happy in his work and deeply in love with his beautiful wife, Alain relishes his newfound success before a fateful dinner with Richard and his venomously eccentric wife, Alice (Charlotte Rampling), casts a dark thunderhead over Alain’s azure skies. Read More »

  • Jacques Doillon – Amoureuse AKA Lover (1992)

    1991-2000DramaFranceJacques DoillonRomance

    Synopsis wrote:
    Marie lives with Antoine, but while he is away she meets Paul, a filmmaker visiting from Canada. Paul is instantly smitten and wants her to marry him. She puts him off by saying that she and Antoine have decided to have a baby. When Antoine returns, he becomes vividly jealous of his girlfriend’s chaste encounter, which provokes her into having an affair with Paul.Read More »

  • Patrice Chéreau – Persécution (2009)

    2001-2010ArthouseDramaFrancePatrice Chéreau

    The solitary Daniel and Sonia share an uneasy love/hate relationship. Daniel’s life is disrupted by the appearance of a stranger that proceeds to insinuate himself in his life. The man’s persistence takes its toll on Daniel and Sonia, leaving Daniel alone with nagging questions of “Why?”Read More »

  • Claude Berri – L’Un reste, l’autre part AKA One Stays, the Other Leaves (2005)

    2001-2010Claude BerriComedyDramaFrance

    “I try to make films that move people when they are in the theater and make them think only after they leave.” Claude Berri

    L’un reste, L’autre part is the story of two old time friends, both in their fifties, both married, who fall for two younger women. The cast is nothing less than stellar: Daniel Auteuil, Nathalie Baye, Pierre Arditi, Miou-Miou and Charlotte Gainsbourg

    Attal’s real-life wife, Charlotte Gainsbourg, appears as one of two romantic foils a character drama in which over-middle-age men fall in love with younger women and must confront the ramifications of ending their marriages (one does and one doesn’t, or so the title would have you believe).Read More »

  • Benoît Jacquot – 3 coeurs AKA Three Hearts (2014)

    2011-2020Benoît JacquotDramaFrance

    More than 40 years ago, at the outset of his filmmaking career, Benoit Jacquot worked as an assistant director to the great French novelist and helmer Marguerite Duras, and now, with “Three Hearts,” he has made a film that feels more indebted to her romantic values than anything else in his oeuvre. Here, beneath the surface of a cool, contempo love triangle involving a Parisian man (Benoit Poelvoorde) and a pair of provincial French sisters (played by Charlotte Gainsbourg and Chiara Mastroianni), are all the values Duras held dear: love at first sight, spontaneous tears, all-consuming desire and impossible, self-destructive decisions.Read More »

  • Jacques Doillon – Amoureuse AKA Lover (1992)

    1991-2000DramaFranceJacques DoillonRomance

    ‘An expectant mother begins to question the identity of her unborn child’s father after entering into an extramarital affair with her sister’s lover. Marie and Antoine are living together and deeply in love when Marie voices her desire to become a mother. Unfortunately for Marie, Antoine has no interest in starting a family. Shortly thereafter, Marie meets Paul, and coolly rejects his advances. But later, when Paul begins sleeping with Marie’s sister Juliette, Marie realizes that he may in fact be the man of her dreams. Subsequently alternating between Antoine and Paul as she wrestles with her nagging conscience, Marie later learns she is pregnant and realizes that she can’t be certain which of her lovers is the father.” allmovieRead More »

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