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Chia-Liang Liu – Chang men jen aka The Lady is the Boss (1983)

Liu Chia-Liang plays Wang Hsieh Yun, a teacher of a martial arts school teacher who has just reopened the school after having to move due to the government building a road where the school once stood. The school’s original master was to come and help open the school, but sends his Americanized daughter Mei Ling (Kara Hui) in his place, hence making her the senior and boss. Mei Ling feels Master Wang’s techniques are old fashioned and take to long to learn, boasting that her father has changed the way he teaches and that she is the authority on how it should be done. Read More »

Chia-Liang Liu – Jui kuen II AKA Drunken Master II (1994)

The story concerns the misadventures of Wong Fei Hung as he accidentally becomes involved with the affairs of the British consul, who is smuggling ancient Chinese artifacts out of the country. Wong Fei Hung battles the henchmen of the consul using the Zui Quan (“Drunken Boxing”) style of martial arts. An added twist is that Wong Fei Hung becomes a more powerful fighter by consuming alcohol. But when he consumes too much alcohol, he becomes very sluggish, drunk, and unable to fight. Read More »

Chia-Liang Liu – Yu mao san xi jin mao shu AKA Cat vs. Rat (1982)

Cat Vs. Rat follows Chao aka The Cat (Adam Cheng) and his struggles with fellow student Yu Tang aka The Rat (Alexander Fu Sheng) and both attempting to prove who is the better fighter. Their long suffering master (Lau Kar Leung) tells them that they are equally matched but both sides wish to better the other, with Yu Tang willing to go to ridiculous lengths. When the Emperor (Gordon Liu) is rescued by Chao and rewards him the title of Royal Cat, Yu Tang kicks the feud into overdrive and events are set into motion where the two martial brothers may have to rely on each other. Read More »