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Hanyi Zhang – Zhi fan ye mao AKA Life After Life (2016)

The spirit of a deceased mother takes over her son’s body in order to oversee the task of replanting a very important tree, only after which it will be able to leave the earthly limits. Read More »

Federico Francioni & Cheng Yan – The First Shot (2017)

Three different locations in china.
Three distant existences in search for their own identity.

three distant and diverse existences caught in a same tension: the search for their own identity and the sense of ‘’being’’ in a present of continuous transformation. All of them was born after 1989 the end of all the revolutions. Read More »

Fang Song – The Calming (2020)

A filmmaker is constantly on the move after recently ending a relationship. As she travels alone between Beijing, Nanjing, Hong Kong and Japan, she observes and engages with her ever-changing environs while seeking an inner calm. Read More »

Meng Hua Ho – Jiang Tou aka Black Magic (1975)

A magician makes money by charging people to cast love spells on the objects of their affection. Complications arise when he decides that he wants a customer’s bride for himself. Read More »

Ming Zhang – Wu shan yun yu AKA Rainclouds over Wushan (1996)

Mai Qiang is a 30-year old bachelor, withdrawn, with little in his life besides his job at an isolated signal station along the Yangtze River and his ink drawings he uses as toilet paper. Chen Qing is a hotel clerk, a widow with a young child and an undemanding relationship with her boss Lao Mo. Lao believes she has been raped, so he reports the crime to Wu Gang, the neighborhood cop. Wu investigates, but Chen is uncooperative. Lao then identifies Mai, who is detained and questioned. After Wu gets to the truth of the incident, Mai tries to break out of his loneliness and connect to Chen. Read More »

Yimou Zhang – Yi miao zhong AKA One Second (2020)

A traveller in China’s far west in 1975 crosses paths with a young girl. They both have an interest in a film that is being screened in the area, but for different reasons.

Scott Mariner wrote:
Censors in Beijing have approved the release for November 27, following a year-long effort to rework the film to please the government. One Second was originally intended to premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2019. However it was pulled at the last minute with producers claiming “technical issues” — a common euphemism for Chinese government censorship. The incident was a shock to the international film community and indicated that the propaganda department’s recent takeover of the Chinese film industry means the government will be taking a much more heavy handed role in dictating what artists can and cannot create. Read More »

Tun Fei Mou – Lian cheng jue AKA A Deadly Secret (1980)

Director Mou Tun-fei came to international attention as director of the controversial Man Behind The Sun in 1988. But years prior, he was known for this unremitting tale of kung-fu sadism. Yueh Hua, co-star of Clan Of Amazons and Clans Of Intrigue, tears up the screen as a corrupt magistrate, so obsessed with finding a hidden treasure that he buries his daughter alive, setting off a frenzy of destruction. Read More »