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I-Chen Ko – Dai jian de xiao hai AKA Kidnapped (1983)

After her six year old son is kidnapped, a successful fashion designer must work with a detective to clear up the terrifying mystery and get her son back. Read More »

Tat-Chi Yau & Johnnie To – Am faa AKA The Longest Nite (1998)

A bloody gang warfare is prevailing in Macau. When the rumor makes its rounds, that legendary boss Mr. Hung is coming back to Macau and wants to regain his power, the bosses of two rivalling gangs, Mr. K and Lung, decide to lay their difficulties aside and work together. Read More »

Kar-Wai Wong – Ah fei zing zyun AKA Days of Being Wild (1990) (HD)

A man tries to find out who his real mother is after the woman who raised him tells him the truth. Read More »

Cheng-sheng Lin – Ai ni ai wo AKA Betelnut Beauty (2001)

Betelnut Beauty is the english for 槟榔西施 (bīnláng xīshī). It refers to women selling betel nuts and cigarettes along the roads in Taiwan.
The betelnut beauty is usually half naked, waiting for customers in a small glass-fronted kiosk. It’s a very common sight in Taiwan.
Betel nuts (binlang in chinese) is popular among a certain population (truck drivers, taxi drivers, construction workers…). You chew it, spit the red juice and it makes you somehow stoned.

This film is, in my opinion, a very average drama, not the best film from director Cheng-sheng Lin. But its background shows a realistic image of Taipei’s street life. Read More »

Zhao Dayong – Fei cheng AKA Ghost Town (2009)

A remote village in southwest China is haunted by traces of its cultural past while its residents piece together their existence.

Zhiziluo is a town barely clinging to life. Tucked away in a rugged corner of Yunnan Province, Lisu and Nu minority villagers squat in the abandoned halls of this remote former Community county seat. Divided into three parts, this epic documentary takes an intimate look at its varied cast of characters, bringing audiences face to face with people left behind by China’s new economy. A father-son duo of elderly preachers argue over the future of their village church. Two young lovers face a break-up over harsh financial realities. A twelve year-old boy, abandoned by his family, scavenges the hillside to feed himself. Read More »

Wei Lo, Huang Tang, Tian-lin Wang, Chia-hsiang Wu, Wen Yi – Bao lian deng AKA The Magic Lamp (1964)

Adapted from one of China’s most well-known fairy tales, the Goddess of Mount Hua falls in love with a young mortal scholar Liu Yanchang and gives birth to a baby son, Chenxiang. When Chenxiang grows up, he seeks to unravel the mystery surrounding his mother whom he has never met. Read More »

Johnnie To – A Lang de gu shi AKA All About Ah Long (1989)

A father’s ex-girlfriend resurfaces after a 10-year absence wanting to take her son away from him. With his world shattered, he must decide between what is best for his son and his own future happiness. Read More »