• Lung Chien – Wu lin long hu dou AKA The Bravest Revenge (1970)

    Five good fighters (Polly, Tien Peng, Man Chung San, Sit Hon, and another guy) fight countless sword battles against evil Yee Yuen and his minions.Read More »

  • Cheh Chang & Hsueh-Li Pao & Wu Ma – Shui hu zhuan AKA The Water Margin (1972)

    The corruption in the Sung Dynasty of 11th century China is so rampant that it inspires a band of Oriental Robin Hoods – the Honorable 108. Mountain bandits who nevertheless live by a scrupulous code of conduct, the Honorable 108 pledge to end the repression of the brutal overlords.Read More »

  • Kiwi Chow – Revolution of Our Times (2021) (HD)

    7.4 million Hongkongers have lost their freedom and the younger generations that protested were beaten, battered, and arrested without just cause by the Hong Kong police. Yet, it has all been remarkably well documented, for those who have not chosen to turn a blind-eye. Recent documentaries like Days Before Dawn and We Have Boots have done excellent work recording the street protests and the violent tactics used to suppress them, but the shocking brutality exposed in this film surpasses them all. Your heart will ache and your jaw will drop after watching Kiwi Chow’s Revolution in Our Times, which opens Friday in New York and Los Angeles.Read More »

  • Li Ma – Inmates AKA Qiu (2017)

    In a confined section of a psychiatric ward in Northeast China, patients of schizophrenia, mania, depression, compulsive sexual behaviour and alcohol addition receive the mandatory treatment. As soon as their heads are cleared, they try to break free but always fail. Under the control of drugs and unquestionable discipline, they begin to reflect on their souls, will, desire and thoughts.Read More »

  • Qiu Jiongjiong – Jiao má táng huì AKA A New Old Play (2021)

    The leading clown role in a renowned theatre troupe passes on, and is welcomed into the Underworld. As he relives his vivid memories one last time before entering the afterlife, 50 years of art, struggle and love play out against …Read More »

  • Edward Yang – Eleven Women: Floating Weeds (1981)

    It’s a two-episode run of the Taiwanese TV anthology series Eleven Women, produced by actress Sylvia Chang. The idea—to have several younger directors make episodes about contemporary Taiwanese life, centering on female protagonists—was modeled after the Hong Kong TV productions (such as Below the Lion Rock) that kickstarted the HK new wave. And indeed, it started the careers of not only Yang but several other important figures who would go on to pioneer the Taiwanese New Wave.

    Yang’s episodes were adapted from a short story by Di Yi. The title is “Floating Weeds” (literally, “Duckweed”).Read More »

  • Chris Huang – Demigod: The Legend Begins (2022)

    Witness the legend’s origin.Read More »

  • Qiu Jiongjiong – Gu Nainai AKA Madame (2010)

    The Chinese documentary movement continues to evolve, reaching new levels of awareness of issues complicating its mission to objectively capture the reality of its society. Among these issues is that of performance in its subjects; this is especially critical given that an increasing number of documentaries are personal portraits that delve into subjective experiences. Perhaps the most memorable instance of the past year is Qiu Jiongjiong’s stark black-and-white series of interviews with transsexual cabaret singer Madame Bi Langda. Madame Bi’s recollections of past experiences explicitly touch on how she performs her way through life, whether interacting with friends, lovers or her audience. More than a document of the increasingly complicated gender identity politics in China, it’s also a poignant testimony of a life dedicated to articulating the aesthetics of living.Read More »

  • Hsing Lee – Qiu Jue AKA Execution in Autumn (1972) (HD)

    Peigang, his family’s only son for three generations running, is to be executed on account of larceny, but not without the intervention of his grandmother.Read More »

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