Chintara Sukapatana

  • Jazzsiam – Kon Song Jao AKA Silhouette of God (1989)

    Everybody wants to lead a good life such as Karm, a young farmer who foolishly believes in communion with spirits. Karm has been used by Boonma to fool the people off their money. Karm falls in love and then realizes that everything he has done was wrong. In the end Karm destroys those believes that he had created.Read More »

  • Bhandit Rittakol – Hong 2 Run 44 AKA Class 44 (1992)

    Is life all downhill after college? A group of recent grads, all friends from school, face the ups and downs of the real world, bonded together by the memories of their youth, in this drama.Read More »

  • Bhandit Rittakol – Duay Klao AKA The Seed (1987)

    After each annual Royal Ploughing ceremony, grains of rice paddy are distributed to farmers. Saokam, a farmer, takes some paddy to grow in his field, while Buarian just keeps one seed for worship. Since then, Saokam keeps growing rice with that paddy. Ten years later, the paddy fields suffer a drought. There is not enough water, even for drinking or bathing.Read More »

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