Chiyonosuke Azuma

  • Kôzaburô Yoshimura – Bijo to kairyu AKA The Beauty and the Dragon (1955)

    Drama1951-1960JapanKôzaburô Yoshimura

    Equally successful was Yoshimura’s 1955 The Beauty and the Dragon (Bijo to Kairyu), a period-film in which the famous Kabuki play Narukami was brought throughly up to date. Somewhat in the manner of Henry V, the film opens with a reconstruction of a classical performance of the play, accurately recreating a historical presentation in the proper style; it then moves, as a film, into a more cinematic interpretation. As in the Olivier movie, the acting style shifts from stage technique to cinema technique, and Yoshimura’s aim, like Olivier’s, was not a total reconstruction of the past but the use of a historically literal presentation as means toward something more modern in conception.Read More »

  • Philipp Yuryev – Kitoboy AKA The Whaler Boy (2020)

    Philipp Yuryev2011-2020DramaRussia

    Leshka, 15-year-old boy lives in an isolated village on the Bering Strait, like most men in his village, he is a whale hunter. When Internet arrives in the village, everything changes in the life. The appearance of an unusual girl on a webcam site fascinates him. The protagonist’s state of being in love with an image so far away, the blurred silhouette of a beautiful stranger, leads him to the most courageous act in his life: to embark on the dangerous journey using nothing more than a tiny fishing boat through the raging waters of the Bering Strait towards an unfamiliar world in order to find his love.Read More »

  • Daisuke Itô – Hangyakuji AKA The Conspirator (1961)

    Drama1961-1970ActionDaisuke ItôJapan

    During an era of civil wars, in the 7th year of Tenso, Yoshimoto Imagawa was overthrown by Oda Nobunaga with the help of Ieyasu Tokugawa. Ieyasu’s wife, Lady Tsukiyama, was of the ruined Imagawa clan. She was basically abandoned by Ieyasu lest his fealty with Oda Nobunaga be doubted. Ieyasu’s son, half Tokugawa & half Imagawa, was married to Oda’s first daughter Tokumine Gozen, to further assure Oda that there would be no attempt at revenge over the downfall of the Imagawa clan. Read More »

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