Chuck Wein

  • Andy Warhol & Chuck Wein – My Hustler (1965)

    Filmed on Fire Island, this two reel, 70 minute Warhol film covers the activities of the “Dial A Hustler” service, as an older man seeks a young hustler for a companion.Read More »

  • Andy Warhol – Beauty#2 (1965)

    reviews from imdb:
    Warhol’s Visions of Beauty, 11 October 2006
    Author: Gerald Santana from Oakland, Ca

    Beauty No.2 reminds me of being in love. If I remembered the last time that I was in love and then decided to talk about it, depending on my mood, I could pretty much describe it in two ways; amazing and f**cked up. Warhol and Wein (among others) both saw something in Sedgewick that provoked feelings like love, amazement, and violence. Beauty No.2 is a collaboration between these people that show all three antagonists in brilliant form.Read More »

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