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Claudine Eizykman & Dominique Avron & Guy Fihman & Jean-François Lyotard – L’autre scène (1972)

In L’Autre Scène, the images and the sound material try to manifest the mechanism of an advertisement around the blade. Read More »

Claudine Eizykman – Lapse (1981)

Lapse is a research of a porous state of the cinematographic material which by “intra-photogrammic fragmentation” (Claudine Eizykman) and encrustation of grains unfolds in its crackling like a film in mesh. Read More »

Claudine Eizykman – V.W. Vitesse Women (1974)

One of the most important films of French avant-garde cinema, displaying Claudine Eizykman’s theory of “cinematographic energy” as well as creating kinetic movements capable of shaking up the world and revealing its heterogeneity. Read More »