Claudine Nougaret

  • Raymond Depardon & Claudine Nougaret – Journal de France (2012)

    Traveling alone, internationally acclaimed and Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer and filmmaker Raymond Depardon spent six years capturing France with a large format camera. This long, solitary road trip provided fertile ground for the creation of an extraordinary travel journal. Depardon revisited important places from his past as a reporter: Chad, Venice and Cannes. Previously unseen footage from his archive has also been added to create an intimate, compelling and revelatory ‘Journal de France’ – a unique portrait of a country and its landscapes.Read More »

  • Claudine Nougaret – Paul Lacombe (1986)

    In 1986 Paul Lacombe live out one’s remaining days in Sainte-Eulalie-de-Cernon, Aveyron. During 3 last years he wrote his memoirs. Claudine Nougaret films the meeting with her grandfather.Read More »

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