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Lawrence Huntington – Suspected Person (1942)

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
Suspected Person was one of several Associated British Pathe productions released in the U.S. by PRC pictures. Clifford Evans stars as Jim Raynor, one of a trio of American bank robbers. When Raynor flees to England with the loot, he leaves his two accomplices at the mercy of the Law. Winning unexpected acquittals, the two crooks chase after Raynor — while Scotland Yard, hoping to recover the money, chases after all three. A very young Patricia Roc essays one of her first major roles as Raynor’s sister, while future “Dr. Who” William Hartnell plays a minor role. Read More »

Lance Comfort – Penn of Pennsylvania (1942)


Plot Synopsis
“Originally released in England as Penn of Pennsylvania, this is the story of legendary Quaker leader William Penn. As portrayed by Clifford Evans, Penn is courageous if pedantic crusader for religious liberties, bound and determined to create a new colony for himself and his fellow Quakers. This he does when he journeys to the New World to form the colony of Pennsylvania. Understandably concentrating on Penn and his disciples, the film gives short shrift to several other important historical characters, notably King Charles II (Dennis Arundell). Deborah Kerr is likewise given little to do as Penn’s faithful and supportive wife Gulielma.”–Hal Erickson, AllMovie Read More »