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Pascal Bonitzer – Petites coupures aka Small Cuts [+Extras] (2003)

Journalist Bruno (Auteuil) is swithering between a wavering wife (Devos) and a much younger girlfriend (Sagnier), and politically undecided after the collapse of communism. Realising a break in routine is required, he answers a call for help from his uncle (Yanne), which takes him to the countryside near Grenoble. Charged with delivering a letter to the old man’s romantic rival, he’s soon deep into uncharted territory and a disorienting encounter with the volatile Béatrice (Scott Thomas). All this resolves itself into a narrative homily about needing to lose yourself in order to find your way again, but you get the feeling that Bonitzer (former Cahiers du Cinéma editor and frequent Rivette collaborator) is less interested in the destination than the uncertainties of the journey. Read More »

Claude Berri – L’Un reste, l’autre part AKA One Stays, the Other Leaves (2005)

“I try to make films that move people when they are in the theater and make them think only after they leave.” Claude Berri

L’un reste, L’autre part is the story of two old time friends, both in their fifties, both married, who fall for two younger women. The cast is nothing less than stellar: Daniel Auteuil, Nathalie Baye, Pierre Arditi, Miou-Miou and Charlotte Gainsbourg

Attal’s real-life wife, Charlotte Gainsbourg, appears as one of two romantic foils a character drama in which over-middle-age men fall in love with younger women and must confront the ramifications of ending their marriages (one does and one doesn’t, or so the title would have you believe). Read More »

Francis Girod – Lacenaire aka The Elegant Criminal (1990)

On 9 January 1836, Pierre Lacenaire goes to the guillotine, a murderer and a thief. He gives Allard, a police inspector, his life story, written while awaiting execution. He also asks Allard to care for Hermine, a lass to whom he has been guardian for more than ten years. In flashbacks, from the prison as Lacenaire writes, from Allard’s study as he and Hermine read, and from other readers’ memory after the book is published, we see Lacenaire’s childhood as he stands up to bullies, including priests, his youthful thieving, his first murder, his brief army career, his seduction of a princess, and his affair with Avril, a young man who dies beside him. Read More »

Claude Sautet – Un Coeur En Hiver AKA A Heart in Winter (1992)

Beautiful violin virtuoso Camille has two obsessions: the music of Ravel, and a friend of her husband’s who crafts violins. But his heart seems to be as cold as her playing is passionate. Read More »

Roberto Andò – Sotto falso nome AKA Under False Name (2004)

A writer at the height of his fame: Daniel Boltanski, known to the world as bestselling author Serge Novak, lives in Switzerland with his wife Nicoletta. Her son Fabrizio is getting married on the isle of Capri. On the way there, on the hydrofoil, Daniel meets an extraordinarily beautiful woman, Mila, and they spend the night together. Daniel wakes up in the morning after a wild night of sex to discover there’s no trace of her. He’s late for church; everyone’s waiting for him. As the radiant bride enters, Daniel realizes she’s the woman he’s just spent the night with. But they secretly keep up their affair, abandoning themselves to their passion. It’s the start of a relentless mechanism where Daniel is the target of a devious blackmailer… Read More »

Patrice Leconte – La Fille sur le pont aka The Girl on the Bridge (1999)

One night, a fading entertainer intervenes when a woman contemplates suicide, beginning a strange, unpredictable relationship. Read More »

Jacques Maillot – La mer à boire (2011)

George, a shipyard owner, is dumped by the bank and forced to lay off many of his workers, which immediately begin a strike and occupy the factory. He will have to fight to the end to try to save the company he spent his life building. Read More »