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Roberto Andò – Sotto falso nome AKA Under False Name (2004)

A writer at the height of his fame: Daniel Boltanski, known to the world as bestselling author Serge Novak, lives in Switzerland with his wife Nicoletta. Her son Fabrizio is getting married on the isle of Capri. On the way there, on the hydrofoil, Daniel meets an extraordinarily beautiful woman, Mila, and they spend the night together. Daniel wakes up in the morning after a wild night of sex to discover there’s no trace of her. He’s late for church; everyone’s waiting for him. As the radiant bride enters, Daniel realizes she’s the woman he’s just spent the night with. But they secretly keep up their affair, abandoning themselves to their passion. It’s the start of a relentless mechanism where Daniel is the target of a devious blackmailer… Read More »

Patrice Leconte – La Fille sur le pont aka The Girl on the Bridge (1999)

One night, a fading entertainer intervenes when a woman contemplates suicide, beginning a strange, unpredictable relationship. Read More »

Jacques Maillot – La mer à boire (2011)

George, a shipyard owner, is dumped by the bank and forced to lay off many of his workers, which immediately begin a strike and occupy the factory. He will have to fight to the end to try to save the company he spent his life building. Read More »

Christian Vincent – La séparation AKA The Separation (1994)

“Separation” is a tale of two… separations. First, that of Pierre and Anne. The first sign appears at the theater one evening, when she refuses to take his hand – but it’s only the first. Other signs follow, leading up to the confession : she loves another man. They talk it through and try to set things straight, to save a love which has shredded away over the years. They go through wobbly reconciliations, scenes and crises before they finally see that their affair is dead and now it’s time to turn to face the second separation – that of parents and child : Louis, aged 2. There is more wrenching, pain and resignation ahead, but the play is over and the curtain falls on a stage where nothing is left but the shadows of former happiness. Read More »

Nicolas Bedos – La Belle Époque (2019) (HD)

A couple in crisis. He, disillusioned, sees his life upset the day an entrepreneur offers him to plunge back into the time of his choice. Read More »

Francis Veber – Le placard AKA The Closet (2001)

The man responsible for some of the funniest contemporary French films of the past thirty years (a few of which have been remade in the U.S.) releases one of his most creative and sweet-natured comedies about Francois, a dull accountant (Daniel Auteuil) who, after being forced out of the large group photo at his work for “space reasons” overhears that he is about to be fired. Read More »

Olivier Marchal – 36 Quai des Orfèvres (2004)

Paris. For some months now, a violent gang has been operating with complete disregard for the law.

Head of the Judicial Police, Robert MANCINI lays down a challenge to the two men who work directly beneath him, – the head of the Search and Action Squad, Leo VRINKS (Daniel AUTEUIL) and the head of the Anti-Crime Unit, Denis KLEIN (Gerard DEPARDIEU): Whichever man captures the gang will replace him as the head of the Criminal Investigations Department. Read More »