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Marcel Carné – Terrain vague AKA Wasteland (1960)

Young Danny, better known as Tomb, is the toughest in a street gang in Paris. She dresses as a boy and fights like a man. Read More »

Eriprando Visconti – Una storia milanese AKA A Milanese Story (1962)

Giampiero is a young and rich middle-class boy, who carries all the limits and weaknesses of his environment. He is smart and dynamic, but he is unable to have an active and demanding attitude towards life. Valeria comes from a less sophisticated environment, but she is indecisive and confused as well: she would like to have a job, but she knows she can give up only in exchange for a good marriage. Their love story develops in the winter season, in a Milan that feels imprisoned by the myths of the financial miracle. Their relationship ends almost tragically: the girl gives up on Giampiero and leaves him to go have an abortion in Switzerland. Read More »

Radley Metzger – Camille 2000 (1969)

“Camille 2000, with its cast of wealthy, weary sophisticates, clear plastic blow-up beds, outlandish metal dresses, refined S&M orgies, and Euro-psychedelic music, is often cited as the quintessential Metzger film. In fact, all that’s missing in the world of the doomed romantic Marguerite Gautier (Daniele Gaubert) is a gilded go-go cage. Fans of the 1935 Garbo version may be startled to see that Metzger’s update, underneath the wild period decor, is recognizably the same story, though Gaubert’s existential exhaustion may be less evident to an audience mesmerized by the parade of Italian haute couture and decor.” – Gary Morris, Bright Lights Film Journal Read More »