Danielle Darrieux

  • Henri Decoin – L’affaire des poisons AKA Hangman and the Witch (1955)

    1951-1960CrimeFranceHenri DecoinMystery

    The Marquise de Montespan is a scheming adventuress who hopes to become the favoured mistress to King Louis XIV of France to advance her social status. However, she is thwarted by the young Angélique de Fontanges, who is the King’s current favourite. Out of desperation, the Marquise de Montespan engages the services of a professional poisoner, the venomous La Voisin, to render her rival ugly. The potion unfortunately kills the young Angélique, and the royal court is thrown into turmoil…Read More »

  • Julien Duvivier – Marie-Octobre AKA Secret Meeting (1959)

    Drama1951-1960FranceJulien DuvivierMystery

    Fifteen years after WWII, a group of ex-resistance fighters are brought together by Marie-Octobre, so that the former members of the network can finally relive one fateful night and find out who betrayed their murdered leader, Castille.Read More »

  • Marc Allégret – Un Drôle de Dimanche AKA Sunday Encounter (1958)

    1951-1960ComedyFranceMarc Allégret

    Un Drole de Dimanche (What a Sunday) stars Danielle Darrieux as Catherine and Bourvil as her ex-husband Jean. By chance, Catherine and Jean are reunited five years after she walked out of his life. In a fit of romantic nostalgia, Jean mentally reconstructs the events that led up to their separation. He then determines to win her back, certain that he’ll never, ever make the same mistakes again? or will he?Read More »

  • Paul Vecchiali – En haut des marches AKA At the Top of the Stairs (1983)

    1991-2000DramaFrancePaul Vecchiali

    Plot: Françoise Canavaggia (Danielle Darrieux) heads back to Toulon in 1963 with murderous plans for the people who now inhabit the villa that had once been hers. After arriving in Toulon, Françoise meets up with her sister and a niece, both adding to her tendency toward self-analysis. But with images of the present and past mixed with memories and fantasies of the past — and excerpts from speeches by Petain and De Gaulle combined with psychological and philosophical ramblings — director Paul Vecchiali has created complexities that many an audience will never figure out. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, All Movie GuideRead More »

  • Joseph L. Mankiewicz – 5 Fingers (1952)

    Joseph L. Mankiewicz1951-1960ThrillerUSA

    During WWII the valet to the British Ambassador to Ankara sells British secrets to the Germans while trying to romance a refugee Polish countess.Read More »

  • Jacques Deval – Club de femmes (1936)

    1931-1940DramaFranceJacques DevalQueer Cinema(s)

    From AMG (by Hal Erickson):
    The Club de Femmes (Girl’s Club) of the title refers to a Parisian boarding house, populated in its entirety by beautiful, unwed damsels. The rules of the club are quite strict, with chaperones making certain that the ladies keep a safe and respectable distance between themselves and their gentleman callers. But the mischievous Claire (Danielle Darrieux) is determined to enjoy a rendezvous with her sweetheart Robert (Raymond Gall), and to that end she talks him into disguising himself as a woman. Things look bleak for Claire when she becomes pregnant, but things turn out OK when she gives birth to a girl, thereby upholding the club’s “No Males Allowed” edict. Featured in the cast is a young newcomer named Else Argell, who by an incredible coincidence was the wife of director Jacques Deval.Read More »

  • Raymond Bernard – Le septième ciel AKA Seventh Heaven (1958)

    1951-1960ComedyCrimeFranceRaymond Bernard

    “Le septième ciel” became Raymond Bernard’s last film; a black comedy about a female brewery owner who donates vast amounts of money to charitable causes. The funds to do this, she raises through her liaisons with wealthy gentlemen… who just “happen” to end up dead!Read More »

  • André Téchiné – Le lieu du crime AKA Scene of the Crime (1986)

    1981-1990André TéchinéCrimeDramaFrance

    While collecting flowers for his mother, unmotivated student Thomas (Nicolas Giraudi) is accosted by escaped prisoner Martin (Wadeck Stanczak) who threatens Thomas with bodily harm if he does not return with enough money for the man to buy a train ticket. Thomas goes to several people in his immediate family for the money. His mother Lili (Catherine Deneuve) is a free-spirited single mother who has recently set up ownership and management of a dance bar, and whose separation from Thomas father Maurice (Victor Lanoux) causes confusion and rebellion in the boy. Read More »

  • Henry Koster – The Rage of Paris (1938)

    1931-1940ComedyHenry KosterScrewball ComedyUSA

    Nicole has no job and is several weeks behind with her rent. Her solution to her problem is to try and snare a rich husband. Enlisting the help of her friend Gloria and the maitre’d at a ritzy New York City hotel, the trio plot to have Gloria catch the eye of Bill Duncan, a handsome millionaire staying at the hotel. The plan works and the two quickly become engaged. Nicole’s plan may be thwarted by Bill’s friend, Jim Trevor, who’s met Nicole before and sees through her plot.Read More »

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