Dave Simonds

  • Nicholas Jacobs – The Refrigerator (1992)

    1991-2000ExploitationNicholas JacobsUSA


    When Steven and Eileen moved to New York, they couldn’t believe their luck, a one bedroom apartment for only $200 a month! There had to be something wrong…there was.

    The Refrigerator, an ordinary household appliance that turned one couple’s life into a smorgasbord of murder, mayhem, and mayonnaise. First it put the chill into their love life. Then it started killing off friends and neighbors with great relish.

    Now with the help of the building super and a mysterious neighbor, this young couple must fight the forces that possess the refrigerator before it puts their marriage – and their lives – on the rocks.

    Low-budget cult films like this keep me alive! The acting is awful and so is the directing, but The Refrigerator is just such a hillarious killing machine. It just moves and grabs someone. This film was so funny and just plain wonderful. Ranks up there with one of the surefire cult classics. If this isn’t a cult classic, I don’t know what is. Try to find this film on video. If you can ever find it, buy it because it’s rare and hard to find and A MUST HAVE for anyone serious interested in the horror genre. I found it for $2.00 in some mom and pop store in New Jersey, and I watch it every now and then. You’ll get more then one or two chuckles! ***1/2out of****With writing that’s so bad, it’s good!Read More »

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