David Reynoso

  • Servando González – Viento negro AKA Black Wind (1965)

    1961-1970DramaMexicoServando González

    The building of a railroad under tough conditions from searing heat to freezing cold in the Sonora desert provokes clashes of passion and struggles between the engineers and the workers at the campsite. The workers also contend with sudden dust storms that are called the ‘black wind’.

    The film explores the dangerous adventures of its hero, a rough figure-of-circumstance trapped by conflicting devotion to his son and his own ambitions, and the hazards of the construction work. A cataclysmic sandstorm splendidly filmed and a spectacular rail crash provide memorable set-pieces in a gradual build-up of tension.Read More »

  • Rogelio A. González – La sangre enemiga AKA The Enemy Blood (1971)

    1971-1980CrimeDramaMexicoRogelio A. González

    A group of people suffering from mental retardation, blindness and physical malformations work in a traveling circus.

    If there is a controversial Mexican cinema that tried to renew itself, it is undoubtedly that of the seventies. A tough and sad drama that tackles thorny and controversial issues under a trashy layer of violence, sex and exploitation. I give it high marks for the audacity of filming this at that time of censorship, unthinkable that today something like this (so politically incorrect) would be filmed in Mexican cinema.Read More »

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