David Selby

  • Gordon Parks – The Super Cops (1974)

    Gordon Parks1971-1980ComedyCrimeUSA

    Dave and Rob, fresh from the Police Academy, enrage their captain because they want to do more than controlling the traffic. As penalty they are sent to Brooklyn. However they don’t give up, but develop their own methods to fight against dealers, criminals and corrupt colleagues.Read More »

  • George Cukor – Rich and Famous (1981)

    George Cukor1981-1990DramaUSA

    Liz and Merry Noel become friends as college roommates and their friendship endures over the years. Liz becomes a respected “serious” novelist. Merry Noel marries, has a daughter and writes, too: “trash” fiction which becomes enormously successful. Their story begins in college and jumps ahead some years at a time to show their relationship with each other and those in their orbits as they grow and mature.Read More »

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