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Werner W. Wallroth – Blutsbrüder AKA Blood Brothers (1975)

Blood Brothers (German: Blutsbrüder) is a 1975 East German western film directed by Werner W. Wallroth and starring Dean Reed, Gojko Mitic and Gisela Freudenberg.

The film’s sets were designed by the art directors Heinz Röske and Marlene Willmann. It was made by the state-controlled DEFA company.

Harmonika, an American deserter, is captured by a tribe of Indians, who believe he has murdered the wife and child of their chief Grey Elk. It is the chief himself who sets the American free, and Harmonika stays with the tribe and gradually wins their friendship. He becomes the blood brother of his one-time enemy Hard Rock and marries his new friend’s sister Fawn. Harmonika becomes increasingly more aware of the purposeful lies of the white men. Read More »

Harald Philipp – Blonde Köder für den Mörder AKA The Blonde Connection AKA Death Knocks Twice (1969)

While looking for a stolen diamond necklace,the private investigator Bob Martin uncovers a smart serial killer.

DEATH KNOCKS TWICE is an excellent vehicle for both leading man Dean Reed (in this film he reminds me of a cross between James Franciscus, Tab Hunter, and the pre-burnout Jan-Michael Vincent), who plays a detective out to solve a murder and robbery while stumbling across other corrupt activities, and for leading hunk Fabio Testi, who opens the film with a semi-nude outdoor love scene and seems to play half the film without his shirt on. Read More »