Dewey Martin

  • Marvin J. Chomsky – Assault on the Wayne (1971)

    During the Cold War, enemy agents, posing as U.S. Navy crew, sabotage a nuclear submarine and steal its anti-ballistic missile guidance system.Read More »

  • Howard Hawks – The Big Sky (1952)

    Red River is the most legendary of Howard Hawks’ western epics. Less well known is The Big Sky, a Kirk Douglas vehicle which evokes the Western frontier of the 1830s.

    In Red River, John Wayne leads the first big cattle drive, thousands of miles north to the railroad. In The Big Sky, French merchant Jourdonnais (Steven Geray) becomes the first keelboat captain to journey up the wild, unexplored Missouri river, to trade for furs with the Blackfeet Indians.
    Hawks takes his time, with even a musical number or two helping to develop his characters.Read More »

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