Dianne Foster

  • Irving Rapper – Bad for Each Other (1953)

    Irving Rapper1951-1960DramaFilm NoirUSA

    A doctor returning from the Korean War to his hometown in Pennsylvania must choose what next to do with his lifeRead More »

  • Richard Quine – Drive a Crooked Road (1954)

    1951-1960CrimeFilm NoirRichard QuineUSA

    Music Box Theatre writes:
    Before becoming famous for creating PETER GUNN and the PINK PANTHER movies, Blake Edwards scripted this extraordinary, if virtually unknown, ’50s film noir, which casts a fully-grown Mickey Rooney against type as a lovelorn mechanic whose craving for fast cars and a faster woman (the alluring Dianne Foster) drives him to sign on as wheelman in a bank robbery. In what may be his finest performance, Rooney delivers a compelling characterization of the “Little Freak,” whose desire for a duplicitous woman leads to an unforgettable conclusion. One of finest noir films of the fifties.Read More »

  • John Ford – The Last Hurrah (1958)

    1951-1960ClassicsDramaJohn FordUSA

    An aging politician tries to get re-elected one last time in the changing world of the 1950s when TV started to play a bigger part in politics. Based loosely on the career of multi-term Boston Mayor James Michael Curley, this film examines the good and evil inherent in politics and all the things that go into an election. Tracy’s uphill battle to stay in office is set against the political machinery that preyed on ethnic hatred and old-time money.Read More »

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