Dolores Gray

  • Vincente Minnelli – Designing Woman (1957)

    1951-1960ComedyRomanceUSAVincente Minnelli

    Peck is a New York sportswriter who’s on the West Coast on assignment, doing a story about a horse race. He wakes up from a drinking binge during which he had met New York fashion designer Bacall, though he doesn’t recall it. While he struggles to recover from his hangover, she relates the events of the previous evening which included filling his latest story. He notices how beautiful she is, and they begin a brief torrid affair which leads to a hasty marriage. Of course, each is a “fish out of water” in the other’s world, which they begin to discover when they return to New York.Read More »

  • David Miller – The Opposite Sex (1956)

    USA1951-1960ComedyDavid MillerMusical

    Kay Hilliard, a former nightclub singer, married ten years and mother of a young daughter, is informed that her husband Steve is having an affair with chorus girl Crystal, so she goes to Reno for a divorce. After that, Steve marries Crystal, but Crystal isn’t true. When Kay hears about this, she starts fighting to win her ex-husband back.Read More »

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