Dougray Scott

  • Liliana Cavani – Ripley’s Game (2002)

    Tom Ripley (yes same character from The American Friend – Dennis Hopper and Bruno Ganz – and The Talented Mr. Ripley – Matt Damon ). Some are more loosely based on the initial written character than others and occasionally bear only slight resemblances. I’ll wager reams have been written about this intriguing film, but on the surface we have a character study of a man who has chosen to live his life devoid of empathy (selective) to his fellow man. Quite a cynical microcosm of modern humanity. But the debate, of course, is how accurate that is. Is Ripely a true sociopath? Are we, as a society, all moving in the direction of the intense selfishness of Mr. Ripley? is that how our society has evolved? – to squash those who would stand in the way of our economic benefits. Read More »

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